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Most things in life - automobiles, mistresses, cancer
— are important principally to those who have them.

Money in contrast is equally important to those who have it and those who don't.

John Kenneth Galbraith

(1908 — 2006)

President, American Economics Association,

Professor of Economics, Harvard University,

‘Advisor to 4 US Presidents

Luxembourg for Family Office | LFFO

Luxembourg for Family Office plays a pivotal role in advancing the Family Office Business in Luxembourg, a prominent hub for wealth management and financial services. As the fourth pillar of finance, it fosters collaboration among industry stakeholders, including Single Family Offices and Multi Family Offices, within Luxembourg and across Europe.
By facilitating the exchange of insights and strategies, the Group strengthens the landscape for high-net-worth individuals, promoting investment strategies tailored to their needs.

Through partnerships with renowned entities like Arche Family Office and leveraging comprehensive directories such as the List of Family Offices in Luxembourg, Luxembourg for Family Office enhances its position as a leading financial hub globally, ensuring the continuous evolution and innovation of Family Office services.

Luxembourg for Family Office contributes to the development and the promotion of Family Office Business in Luxembourg, The fourth pillar of the Finance.

The Group will exchange with other associations and professionals worldwide, exchange information about the Family Office Business for Single Family Offices, Multi Family Offices in Luxembourg and Europe.

Our Expertise

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With LFFO, you gain access to exclusive events and international forums favored by the European decision-making elite, providing unparalleled visibility for your company.

Our team of experts boasts over 20 years of experience in the field, bringing a unique perspective in
Family Wealth Management and Preservation.

Our President

Mrs Diana Diels

Diana Diels (Kneip), born in 1966, is a founding partner of the Luxembourg Association of Family Offices and president of Luxembourg For Family Office.

She is a senior executive in the financial sector specializing in family businesses, wealth management, family offices, external asset management, and compliance standards.

She studied economics and holds an MBA in finance. She was accredited by the CSSF at the age of 27 as an asset manager. In 1996, she became a board member of the Asset Managers Association.

She has worked for banks and managed family businesses in the ICT, BPO, and data center sectors, ...

In 2010, with Wealth@Work, she founded an independent family office platform that was voted best start-up in the private financial cloud sector.

She has experience in financial engineering, SOPARFIS management, and has been serving for over 20 years as an independent board member on the board of several companies (financial sector or unlisted companies).

Luxembourg For Family Office

Fonded in 2010

Luxembourg for
Family Office

Our Vision

In the era of the "Worldwide Rise of Family Offices," these entities represent a formidable new presence in the field of family wealth management.

From extended dynasties to thriving enterprises, family offices address a diverse range of needs within family circles and businesses.

Unlock your financial potential

You don't need to be a Rockefeller to benefit from the expertise of a Family Office.

Many underestimate the profound advantages a Family Office can offer, notably by strengthening family ties, enhancing financial and legal acumen, and amplifying purchasing power.

Accessible Solutions

Contrary to what one might think, establishing a Family Office does not necessarily have to cost a fortune.

Even families with modest resources can set up a family council to facilitate open discussions and strengthen family control through shared ownership structures.

Beyond Business

Transitioning to the Family Office domain opens doors to a holistic approach to family dynamics.

It's not just about property or employment; it's about fostering a sense of community and collective prosperity.

Welcome to the world of Family Offices,

—where families thrive as owners, employees, and above all,
as a unified force.

Luxembourg For Family Office

P/A Luxembourg For Family Office
33, Bd Prince Henri1 L-1724 Luxembourg

For the attention of Diana Diels

5, Route d'Arlon L-7471 Saeul